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UK's Kalender  v.2.3.2

UK's Kalender is a MS Windows program intended to remind you of upcoming events and todos.

STG WordList  v.1.0

STG Wordlist is a simple program intended as a helper on word games. A large word list is included and can be replaced by the user. You can search in mask mode or anagram mode.

Helper  v.1.15

Helper is a software program intended to assist physicists, engineers, and other experts in performing computations.

WinSent Innocenti  v.

The program intended for receiving messages, notifications and alerts sent with "net send" command over local area network. It allows to solve a problem of user notification and alerting without bothering about misuses of full-blown messengers such

MultiReplace  v.1.1

MultiReplace - the program intended for fast change determined substring, in a necessary set of files, for other string. This program allows to make incalculable quantity of changes with several clicks. Multilanguage

ZimpelFak!  v.1.0.0.

ZimpelFak! is a Freeware invoicing program intended for small businesses. Zimpelfak! enables you to easely create and manage your

Weight loss and deit Software  v.1.1

First of all, if you be probable to discover almost efficient common software for faster weight loss, you need to be familiarize yourself in details with the weight loss and diet guide program, intended especially to make everything, with the help of

JabSync  v.2130

JabSync is a program intended to synchronize the rosters of two (or more) distinct Jabber accounts.It is written in Python and uses the jabberpy

JScale  v.1.0

jScale is a program intended to scale and transcode multiple images. jScale is capable of scaling images to a certain dimension or by a percentage of the image's dimensions. It runs from the command line, or through your favorite windowing

MarketSim  v.1.0.0

marketSim is a market simulation program intended to study the behavior of simulated economic agents making operations in different free

Paranal  v.32.1.0

Simple console program intended for factor or principal components analysis. It calculates the optimal number of factors using the Horn's parallel analysis, computes the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin and a few other measures of sampling

RasTop  v.2.2

RasTop is a molecular graphics program intended for the visualisation of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules based on the popular Rasmol software. The program is aimed at the rapid visualization and analysis of

Specfe  v.1.5.32

Specfe is a graphical front end program intended to aid the use of the 'spec' data acquisition software. It can display interactive graphs of scanned data and present a user-friendly graphical interface to several of the more common spec

Lojban Immerser  v.1.0

An immersive language-tutorial program intended for Lojban, allowing plugins.

Mastery Cards  v.1.0

Mastery Cards is a program intended to replace flashcards. It was designed with foreign languages in mind; however, it is not limited to that use.

TruthTable  v.1.0

A program intended to transform, evaluate and efficiently construct proofs of formulas in the propositional calculus.

Executioner  v.1.0

Executioner is a program intended to execute console application with different parameters. Multi-threading support, output capture and other features are available.

Sinister Strike Damage Calculator  v.1.0

SSDmgC is simple (QBasic) damage calculation program intended for use by players of the Rogue class in World of Warcraft, to determine the potential damage their character can do with a certain weapon and talent build.

NineBawt  v.1.0

nineBawt is a program intended to automate actions in Java-Based games

YGO Dueling Sim  v.1.0

This is a Java-based program intended to allow users to simulate Yu Gi Oh duels with AIs or with friends. The project is has been in the design and brainstorm stage for approximately two months and is now in development: 1: Functional GUI ...

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